Estoppel Certificate Requirements

Date of issuance: 

Name(s) of the unit owner(s) as reflected in the books and records of the association: 

Unit designation and address: 

Parking or garage space number, as reflected in the books and records of the association: 

Attorney's name and contact information if the account is delinquent and has been turned over to an attorney for collection. 

Fee for the preparation and delivery of the estoppel certificate: 

Name of the requestor: 

Assessment information and other information: 

  • The regular periodic assessment levied against the unit is $_____ per ______ (insert frequency of payment)​

  • The regular periodic assessment is paid through _________ (insert date paid through)

  • The next installment of the regular periodic assessment is due _________(insert due date) in the amount of $_______

  • An itemized list of all assessments, special assessments, and other moneys owed on the date of issuance to the association by the unit owner for a specific unit is provided.

  • An itemized list of any additional assessments, special assessments, and other moneys that are scheduled to become due for each day after the date of issuance for the effective period of the estoppel certificate is provided.

Is there a capital contribution fee, resale fee, transfer fee, or other fee due? _____ (Yes) _____ (No) If yes, specify the type and the amount of the fee. _________________________

Is there any open violation of rule or regulation noticed to the unit owner in the association official records?

Do the rules and regulations of the association applicable to the unit require approval by the board of directors of the association for the transfer of the unit?_____ (Yes) _____ (No) If yes, has the board approved the transfer of the unit? _____ (Yes) _____ (No)

Provide a list of, and contact information for, all other associations of which the unit is a member.

Provide contact information for all insurance maintained by the association